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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Let’s take a closer look at that ass

While I was away, I kept track of the lunacy of US domestic politics, but only sporadically and distractedly, between bites of burrata and sips swigs of chianti.  I didn’t pay the teeniest tiniest bit of attention to the extra extra special lunacy of the wingnut blogosphere until I got back.  And so, even though I alluded to La Althouse’s latest hermeneutic meltdown / exercise in public self-humiliation in the previous comment thread, I actually wasn’t fully aware of Obama’s latest affront to his predecessor’s attempt to restore dignity and honor to the office of the Presidency.  Nor was I aware that this was a gaffe even more devastating than Dijongate.

Sigh.  This whole thing is so tired.  I personally was a week ahead of the game, setting the standard for the public ogling of derrières on July 2.

As JP Stormcrow observed about my vacation videos in yesterday’s thread:

One can’t help but note that the first video was of a car driving through terrain where there well might have been tunnels, and yet no tunnel was entered. The second video had multiple free-standing towers and the third ended with shots of erect stanchions. Need I say more about the thumb?

AND: Yes, I realize that I have been completely unhinged on this subject for years, and I stand by my analysis of the videos.

Fine work, JP!  You win the Chávezian Airspace Distinguished Onion Ring for the Advanced Deconstruction of Visual Culture.  A fine way to start Bastille Day!  Just don’t eat the thing—it’s a symbolical prize, not a snack food.  Have a carrot instead.

And just wait til I post the still photos tomorrow.

Posted by Michael on 07/14 at 08:41 AM
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