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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Light in October

The next two weeks might be rough on the blog.  Just letting you know.  Next week, I am consumed with Official Committee Business on three different committees, two of which will account for a marathon four-day meeting.  Some guys have all the luck!  This week, I am frenetically scouring the Internets (and even some “print” material), finishing up all the footnotes to the book whose working title is now What’s So Liberal About the Liberal Arts? And you know what?  Footnotin’ is hard, hard work!  It’s hard!  It turns out that in one kind of footnote, you not only have to find out what actually happened, but you have to provide a “source” for your “information” as well.  And in another kind of footnote, you not only have to find out what somebody said or wrote, you have to find out “when” and “where,” too.  It’s a lot like bloggin’ and literary alludin’, only harder!

And yes, I know I was finishing this book last fall and then again last spring.  But this time I’m really finishing it.  Just you wait and see.  This is gonna be the most finished book I’ve ever finished.

Of course, it would have been easier to write books the Jonah Goldberg way*:

WANTED: HERBERT SPENCER EXPERT [Jonah Goldberg] I’m working on a chapter of the book which requires me to read a lot about and by Herbert Spencer. There’s simply no way I can read all of it, nor do I really need to. But if there are any real experts on Spencer out there—regardless of ideological affiliation—I’d love to ask you a few questions in case I’m missing something.

But I just couldn’t go that route, dear friends.  As you know, I have dedicated much of my life over the past two years to solving the mystery of why there aren’t more conservatives on college faculties.  And I think I may, at long last, have discovered an important clue.

I’ll check in when I’m takin’ a footnotin’ break here and there.  In the meantime, all hail the mighty White-Stockings of Chicago.  And the redoubtable Albert Pujols, too.

* edited with the help of Vance Maverick, in comments

Posted by Michael on 10/18 at 10:46 AM
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