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Monday, September 28, 2009

Mad Men blogging with redirection

In comments to last week’s post, Amanda French writes:

I also think that almost anything Don does is ipso facto right; exactly what “his game” is must always remain mysterious, because he’s basically the Magic Advertising Man.

Amanda is taking issue with my claim that Don was “off his game” in that Waldorf meeting with Conrad Hilton.  Very well, my Internet friend:  what are we to make, in last night’s episode, of Don’s response to Peggy asking about the Hilton account?  What. A. Total. Asshole.  And even worse, unbeknownst to Don, the encounter not only brings Peggy to tears but leads her to consider Duck Phillips’ offer.  Poor Peggy.  Smacked down by Don, she winds up ... what is the phrase?  Having sexual relations with a duck.

Oh, right, I forgot—some of you came here looking for my response to the responses to my CHE essay on cultural studies.  It’s over here, at a blog that has (a) a more international and interdisciplinary readership and (b) a “more” button.

I have to take a nice long nap after writing all that, but I’ll be back later this week with some pics from Jamie’s 18th birthday party.  With gratitude to Gojira but especially to Oaktown Girl (comment 36 32), I can report that the gathering was indeed happy and well-attended.  And that Jamie bowled an only-slightly-bumper-assisted 134 in his second game.

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