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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

McCain Appreciation Day!

Just three quick things before I head out to Barack Hussein al-Obama’s Secret Islamic Socialist Headquarters to make myself useful for a change.

One: it’s time for another round of “Name that Columnist”!

In what history may record as his singular achievement—dealing with the classic American dilemma of race—[Obama] had the largely unappreciated help of his opponent, John McCain, who simply ruled out covert racial appeals used by politicians of both parties in the past.

Yeah, I know, this one’s almost too easy.  Let’s just say that for this guy, it’s always McCain Appreciation Day.

Two: Penn State is rockin’.  I didn’t vote here, but my polling place looked pretty similar—that is, completely mobbed.  Polls opened at 7, Janet and I got in line at 8, and we voted at 9:45.  We were voters number 224 and 225.  Obama people showed up around 8:30 and distributed water and Pop-Tarts.  McCain people showed up at 9:30 and called us a nation of whiners.  OK, I made up that last part.

Three: haven’t you ever wondered what Jamie does to amuse himself when he accompanies me on speaking gigs?  Sure you have!  He brings along his iPod and his Magic cards and a couple of movies and his Fandex cards of composers and painters, and a legal pad on which he writes the names of animals, titles of Beatles songs, college football teams (quick!  what is the nickname of the University of Vermont athletic teams?  University of Idaho?  University of South Dakota?  Jamie can tell you), and . . . well, this:

1.  Come on said the cat lees got keep your face clean.
2.  How long do we have to stick around this henhouse.
3.  Futher futher from home.
4.  Some prety anoyed.
5.  What is that.
6.  He would never jump to the box.
7.  What are you doing out there.
8.  After the dark.
9.  It wasn’t Otis at all it was crying from the ground.
10.  Screech owls.
11.  What am I doing that bear is ten times my size.
12.  You love it they all going love you I love you.
13.  Come on Otis we make it before the winter.
14.  They big enough to see byhond the barn.
15.  Joyce.
16.  Uh I don’t see any river around here.

I transcribed this from the pad Jamie took with him on our last trip.  Extra extra bonus Election Day prizes for everyone who can figure out what Jamie’s doing here!

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