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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Now that this blog has singlehandedly swung the election to Barack Hussein al-Obama,* it is time for me to move into my Stealth Agenda™ phase.  Following the plan Obama and I hatched almost thirty years ago when I recruited him to come to Columbia from Occidental College and meet Bill Ayers on my twentieth birthday, I am going to begin to form the Campus Cadres that will introduce students to Islamic Socialism and smash U.S. global hegemony once and for all, while President-Elect Obama does an incredibly elaborate head-fake by suggesting that he wants to keep Joe Lieberman in the Democratic caucus.

I just have to add, on a note of profound exhaustion and relief, that it has not always been easy for Obama’s backers to clear the way for his ascendancy to the Presidency.  That egomaniac and former Black Panther Bobby Rush refused to get with the program back when we were trying to implement “Project New Panther” in 2000, and George Soros had a devil of a time finding someone willing to convince Jack Ryan to take his then-wife Jeri to those Paris sex clubs in the 1990s so that Ryan would eventually drop from the Senate race in 2004 to be replaced by professional lunatic Alan Keyes.  If I recall correctly, George used to call that one “Project Completely Unexpected Turn of Events.” Yes, it sounds funny now.  But dear readers, do you have any idea how much it costs to bribe court officials into opening a sealed divorce file?  Of course you don’t.  Ah, what a long strange trip it’s been, eh, George?

Anyway, this means, among other things, that this humble (but hardworking) blog is going to move to a more relaxed, leisurely posting schedule.  I invite my readers to take a cue from the stuffy, aggrieved older gentleman in the opening train scene of A Hard Day’s Night, and announce to all and sundry, “I read this blog regularly!  Twice a week!  So I suppose I have some rights!” (That’s at the 6:45 mark, for those of you in a hurry.)

And you know, there’s so much to life besides blogging!  There’s also vlogging and clogging and plodding!  Last week I made my Bloggingheads debut, talking with Will Wilkinson about the election and the Campus Cadres and such things, and yesterday I learned that the plodcast of my talk at the conference on Cognitive Disability as a Challenge to Moral Philosophy is now up and available for viewing on a computer near you.  These clips are of great historical interest, since they represent the long-awaited unveiling of my 1.0 reading glasses (the Walgreen’s pair at the conference, the Target pair for Bloggingheads).  I will add only that I actually shaved for the Bloggingheads segment, and Mr. Wilkinson apparently did not.  Then again, he looks kind of charming and devil-may-care, whereas until I shaved I looked merely slovenly.  I take some solace, however, in the fact that my ghostly looming head is as creepy and ginormous as it ever was.

The whole segment is 68:31, a bit long for Bloggingheads but still under the running time of A Hard Day’s Night.  The highlight of the exchange, I think, comes when I say to Will, “and don’t take that tone with me, young man!  I fought the war for your sort,” and he snaps back, “I bet you’re sorry you won.” That’s at 7:30, for those of you in a hurry.


* Seriously: if you look at the polling history, you’ll see that according to the highly influential GWU/Battleground poll, McCain was up by 2 points nationally just before I returned to blogging on September 29.  The next GWU/Battleground poll, taken right after the return of Mister Answer Man, shows Obama up by 8.  QED, folks.  The final GWU/Battleground poll has Obama up by 6, and he won by 6.5.  Remember, correlation is closely correlated to causation, and many people in Washington have built entire careers on cherry-picking poll numbers like this.

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