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Monday, February 02, 2009

Monday morning QB

Well, I had the outcome right, but those Arizonas gave us all a shudder, didn’t they?  I should have realized that the new Very Angry Cardinal logo would be good for more than 13 points.  Still, as you can see from this comment on my dummy blog, “Future Search,” I had a few tiny details right.

In other news, remember when I said I was writing an essay on retaking the English-lit GRE for the first time since 1981?  Well, that essay is finally out, and available in a Chronicle of Higher Ed near you.  It’s sub-only, apparently, so you have to sub.  Which is odd, because, as all my internet friends know, love and information want only to be free.

[Update:  I am like totally wrong!  The essay is free as a bird, right here.  Oh, and while I’m updating:  “Glory Days”?  Really?  The very worst Bruce Springsteen song ever, and he has to close the halftime show with it?  Why?  In order to remind everyone that the joys of youth and athletic fame are ephemeral?  And that he once wrote a song that includes the phrase “throw that speedball by you”?]

And I’ve already received two emails informing me that the awful test question involving an awful parody of Marxist criticism is actually from David Lodge’s Small World.  Since one of my complaints about the test is that its “theory” questions are hideous beyond measure, I have to marvel at the fact that the GRE-maker-uppers actually ask people to identify Marxist theory via a David Lodge parody.  But then there’s the embarrassing bit about how I took the GRE in English literature and then wrote an essay invoking David Lodge in my fourth sentence but missed the David Lodge passage in the test itself.  I kind of have to love that.

Posted by Michael on 02/02 at 11:25 AM
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