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Friday, October 17, 2008

No Joe today

Well, Joe the Totally Uncommitted Voter couldn’t make it today—it appears he’s too busy creating jobs and investing his Social Security whatsis.  So we’ll have to fall back on . . .

Arbitrary but Fun Friday!

If all goes well, it’s a pretty safe bet that we are now less than three weeks away from the beginning of the Era of Joe Lieberman’s Complete and Utter Irrelevance to American Politics.  (Which reminds me that this ancient post is still relevant today!  Hey.  Why didn’t any of you good people come and visit me at TPM Café?) So:  for this ABFF, what else are you looking forward to in November?  Remember to preface all comments with “if all goes well,” and please remember to sacrifice a chicken (or a vegetarian option of your choice!) before making your wish.  Meanwhile, Jamie and I will continue to hang out in the lobby of the Albuquerque Convention Center and hope that a room in our hotel opens up in the next hour or two.

Posted by Michael on 10/17 at 01:05 PM
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