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Friday, June 24, 2005

Now I know my life has meaning

We suspend this blog’s customary Friday Follies—the widely-popular Arbitrary but Fun Value Judgments—to bring you two special announcements. 

One: After months of effort—much of which, as veteran readers will recall, was expended on this very blog—I have finally been accepted into the Inner Party.  Yes, my friends, I have been awarded my very own page in David Horowitz’s “Discover the Network!” And it’s not just a perfunctory entry, either!  Horowitz assigned somebody to read no fewer than five of my essays (even the one on Colson Whitehead’s The Intuitionist!), and Discover the Network provides links to all of them, including two .pdfs that come right from the “essays” section of this website.  I am faulted for my “forbiddingly clotted prose,” and I’m described as someone who “believes in teaching literature so as to bring about ‘economic transformations.’” (The evidence for this last bit is provided in the fifth paragraph of the entry:  “Arguing that the purpose of ‘cultural critics,’ among whose number he plainly counted himself, was to advance economic change, he wrote: ‘The important question for cultural critics, then, is also an old question—how to correlate developments in culture and the arts with large-scale economic transformations.’")

Well, so what if they’re not sure of the meaning of the word “correlate”?  This is not a time to nitpick.  This is a time to celebrate! There are only about 250 people listed on Discover the Network’s “academics” list, and some of the entries are really perfunctory.  The one for Paul Gilroy, for instance—one of the leading figures in British cultural studies—basically consists of “Paul Gilroy:  is uppity.  Teaches at Yale.  Criticized the Iraq War.” Compared to that, I got me a stretch limo with complimentary hemlock, folks!

I’ll have more to say about my entry next week, but in the meantime, do check it out.  It’s a piece of work, and for that, I am very grateful.  I only hope I can find some way of repaying the favor!

Two: The College Republicans are gathering today through Sunday in Arlington, Virginia, for their annual convention.  The Heterosexual-in-Chief, General J. C. Christian himself, is mounting a heroic campaign to help these young men and women gain some real-world experience and support their country in a difficult time.  It’s a win-win:  the College Republicans will help our armed forces meet their recruiting goals, and they’ll pick up some much-needed moral legitimacy at the same time.  Please stop by the General’s place and support the troops today!

UPDATE, June 26:  Discover the Many and Varied Networks (yes, Anthony Smith’s comment below is right, they’ve recently made “Network” plural) has revised my page, making it 40 percent more spiffy and 25 percent less nutty.  (For instance, they no longer hold it against me that I asked graduate students to analyze a theoretical essay, and they’ve dropped the “forbiddingly clotted prose” bit, too.  They’ve also looked up the correct spelling of “losing.") But thanks to the wonders of the Internets, you can still read the original draft here.

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