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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Off to Houston

Good news for all of you who are weary of the 2000-word mini-essays I’ve been posting lately (like the one below):  I’m taking a break!  It’s off to Rice University to deliver the keynote address at a conference on “The Post-National Nation:  Ideology and Institution in the Global Era”—and this one’s a special event, because I’m bringing Jamie with me.  (Many, many thanks to the conference organizers who are making this possible.) He’s been eagerly looking forward to this for months and months.  How psyched is he?  This psyched:  the other night, after he finished his math homework (he really gets the concepts of factors and fractions; he still stumbles a bit with long division), he had to compose sentences with his spelling words, one of which was “control.” He immediately came up with “you need to control yourself when you are excited.” “Good one!” I said.  “Like going to Houston,” he replied.

Well, let’s hope that’s a good sign, and that all goes well.  He loves hotels, he loves hotel pools, and he really loves room service.  And then on Sunday we’re off to the zoo.  See you all next week.

Posted by Michael on 03/24 at 09:48 AM
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