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Monday, May 11, 2009

Off to see game six

in Ye Olde Iglooe with a couple of friends.

It really is an odd little place, originally designed to house the Civic Light Opera.  (More fun facts here.) But I can’t believe I got face-price tix on the Internets!  Thanks to the Penguins for putting 2000 seats on sale at 1 pm on Saturday, and thanks to my trusty Lenovo X61 for navigating the tubes for me at three minutes past 1.  We’ll be in section C11, if you’re watching on the “Against” channel.  We’ll be the guys wearing white.

And while I’m packing up:  though I mostly agree with Scott about the silliness of national anthems before sporting events, and I agree that the Chicago version by Jim Cornelison and twenty thousand crazed screaming people is pretty stunning, I just want to put in a nice word for this young woman:

I remember this well:  it was almost two years ago, game four of the Senators-Ducks final, and when Ms. Morissette’s name was announced, I cringed, thinking, “I know, I know, she’s a local Ottawa kid and they love her, but Holy Shrieking Greataunt of Moloch, this is going to suck even worse than anthems usually suck.  This is going to have all kinds of vibrato and bizarre emoting and maybe even ‘thank you frailty, thank you consequence’ in it.  I must go and get a beer right now.” So I missed her “Star Spangled Banner,” and returned for “O Canada,” the first twenty seconds of which seemed to be everything I’d feared.

And then!  “Car ton bras sait porter l’épée, il sait porter la croix/ Ton histoire est une épopée des plus brillants exploits!” In Ottawa!  I wasn’t expecting that.  And she does a great job!  She actually sounds much better in French.  And then she has the crowd sing the next two lines (back to English)!  And she’s like totally charming about the whole thing right down to the final bow!  So yeah, national anthems before sporting events are silly. But just this once, I was pleasantly surprised.  And as she left the ice, I said, for that, Alanis Morissette, everything is forgiven.  Alas, Disneyland won that one 3-2 and then crushed Ottawa at home.

There probably won’t be any “O Canada” in the finals this year, though.  Eardrum-bursting Star Spangled Banners from Jim Cornelison and twenty thousand crazed screaming people, perhaps.  That would be fun!  The last time Chicago won the Cup I was crouched in the fetal position, being a fetus.

OK, off to Pittsburgh.  This series has been absurdly exciting so far, and I expect tonight to be, how you say, une épopée des plus brillants exploits.

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