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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Operation Cover Our Asses goes into overdrive

As Billmon and Kos point out, these firefighters have been ordered to appear alongside President Katrina Bush as the White House spares no effort in trying to rescue him from the devastation of New Orleans.  And these aren’t just any random firefighters; according to the Salt Lake Tribune, the guys you see above were flown into Biloxi from Atlanta just so that they could flank President K “as he tours devastated areas.”

Now, some of you might object that this little stunt isn’t really an optimal use of first responders.  Some of you might point out that this little stunt leaves Atlanta and other cities with fewer experienced firefighters, as replacements are called up in their stead.  But unless you’re a really cynical SOB, you probably wouldn’t go so far as to imagine that President Katrina’s administration is sticking cities with the bill for those replacements.  Again, from the Salt Lake Tribune:

Also of concern to some of the firefighters is the cost borne by their municipalities in the wake of their absence. Cities are picking up the tab to fill the firefighters’ vacancies while they work 30 days for the federal government.

And only the hypercynical among you would dare to suggest that this photo will do its job—that the Mark Steyns and the Hugh Hewitts and the Jonah Goldbergs will dash to their keyboards and begin gushing about their bold, steely leader rolling up his sleeves (note the sleeve!) and getting to work. For those of you who just can’t imagine that it will get any worse, I leave you with these words from Peggy Noonan:

This, truly, is a good man. And that is a rare thing. Agree with Mr. Bush’s stands or disagree, there can be no doubting the depth of his seriousness and the degree to which he attempts to do what he is convinced is right, and to lead his country toward that vision of rightness. We have had many unusual men as president and some seemed like a gift and some didn’t. Mr. Bush seems uniquely resolved to be as courageous as the times require and as helpful as they allow. There is a profound authenticity to him, and a fearlessness too.

A steady hand on the helm in high seas, a knowledge of where we must go and why, a resolve to achieve safe harbor. More and more this presidency is feeling like a gift.

Good nautical metaphor, no?  A five-gallon barrel of New Orleans water will be awarded to the first right-wing hack who retools Peggy’s January 30, 2003 column for emergency deployment in Operation Cover Our Asses.

Ladies and gentlemen of the wingnut press, power up your laptops.

Posted by Michael on 09/07 at 09:44 AM
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