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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Rhetorical Thursday

Michael Bérubé and Janet Lyon were married 21 years ago today.

Photo Credit:  Jamie Bérubé

But that’s not what we’re here to blog about!  This is Rhetorical Thursday, and you should have expected us to open with the occupatio gambit.  We have an important announcement.

Because of the overwhelming public response to Rhetorical Occasions, this blog is temporarily suspending Liberal Thursday, the new feature in which we reply to readings, reviews, and graphic novel adaptations of What’s Liberal About the Liberal Arts?  Liberal Thursday will be back next Thursday, unless it is suspended again.

In its stead, we offer this brief announcement from the marketing department.  The public-attitude survey is complete, and Rhetorical Occasions has now been field-tested with a series of carefully chosen focus groups.  According to marketing, the book cover is not going over because:

(a) it features a great big fat looming ghostly head;
(b) it looks too much like a faded Che t-shirt;
(c) it is not violent enough;
(d) it has a great big fat looming ghostly head on it;
(e) it looks back at you when you pick it up;
(f) men are not wearing enough hats these days;
(g) the image is that of a great big fat looming ghostly head; and
(h) the single eye in the head winks when you hold the book at an angle.

At first, we considered hitting the side of the book repeatedly with a sledgehammer in order to make it look mean,* but the logistics of this option proved too daunting.  Accordingly, UNC Press has decided to do to the cover design of Rhetorical Occasions what Capitol Records did with the original cover art for the Beatles’ Yesterday and Today LP.  We are pleased to report, as well, that michaelberube.com site administrator Kurt Nelson has stepped into the breach to provide us with an alternate cover.  We believe this new cover addresses our readers’ primary concerns about the book, particularly with regard to (c) above, and we note that it required only a slight alteration of the book’s title, while subtly retaining the “head” theme of the original cover.  The mockup of the new cover is available here.

Arbitrary But Fun Friday will appear this week as scheduled.

* Readers who do not recognize the allusion are hereby advised that Slapshot is freely available for rental or purchase, and that it is one of the best sports movies ever made.

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