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Monday, May 24, 2004

Rip in space-time continuum

So this was my second consecutive weekend without Internet access-- in fact, my second consecutive weekend at an extended-family residence, and thus my second consecutive weekend without access to the outside world in any form.  Last week, it was the Bérubé-o-rama in the Tidewater area.  This time, it was Janet’s parents’ place near New Haven, where I wound up driving Janet and Jamie on Saturday morning after Janet woke up in our NY hotel with one of those blinding migraines.  This also means that I’ve spent two consecutive weekends trying to “help” family members with the unfathomable intricacies of their domestic affairs.  Like persuading my mother to plug in the shredder and begin thinking about the initial procedures for commencing to inaugurate the opening stages of how to plan to get rid of newsweeklies from the mid-1990s, and fixing my father-in-law’s lawn-sprinkler system so that it will not only run for 30 minutes every other day except during leap years in every other sunspot cycle, but it will also co-ordinate its CPU with that of his burglar alarm and call-blocking system, so that if an intruder breaks into their house and attempts to receive a call from a telemarketer, he will be promptly and embarrassingly drenched to the skin.

So I’ve been trying to catch up with the news this torpid Monday morning, and I see that George Bush has fallen off a bicycle, the U.S. has bombed a wedding party full of innocent civilians, leaving stone-faced Pentagon staffers to lie about the details.  I’m sorry, but I don’t understand.  Didn’t these things already happen last year and the year before?  (And check out that headline on the Hertzberg piece!)

This is really eerie.  Next thing you know there’ll be a disputed election or something.

Posted by Michael on 05/24 at 04:16 AM
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