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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Road trip!

Last night Jamie made his debut as the equipment manager for the State College High School varsity hockey team.

Jamie’s earnest and diligent equipment managing was doubtless a key factor in State College’s 9-0 win over Central Dauphin.  Above, he’s pictured with the teacher/coach who had the idea in the first place, Andy Wilson (a pretty fearsome player himself).

Jamie has been looking forward to this eagerly for weeks, thrilled to be given some responsibility for the hockey team.  I wonder whether the anticipation about this equipment-managing gig has sparked Jamie’s recent forays into Greater Independence, such as his proposal last night that he do his French homework “on my own” and his insistence last week that he clean up after dinner while Janet and I take Lucy the Dog for a walk. (We agreed, tentatively, not sure if he would clear the table and load the dishwasher properly, and we gave him a little help with handwashing the salad bowl.  And lo! when we came back after ten minutes, the kitchen was spotless.) But yesterday afternoon, as he was putting on his jersey and helmet for the game, he asked me, “hey Michael, what does the equipment manager do?” So I said, carry the water bottles and the extra sticks and whatever else the coaches ask you to do, basically.  And he was good with that.  If all goes well, he’ll serve as equipment manager for all State College home games.  Here’s to the new season!

Blogging around here will be light at best for the rest of the week, because Jamie and I are hitting the road.  It’s our Swingin’ Swing State Tour ‘08!  First we’re going to Colorado, to this place, where I’ll give a talk, and thence to New Mexico, to this place, where I’m responding to a panel full of talks.  As you longtime Jamie-watchers know, Jamie loves to travel, and he’s never been to either state; I’ve never been to New Mexico.  A few years ago, Jamie would have said, “Colorado and New Mexico—brand new states, never had before!” Now he says, “Colorado and New Mexico—we haven’t been there in a long time!” which is syntactically cleaner but semantically less accurate. Oh, well.

This means we’ll miss tomorrow night’s third and final presidential debate, which will be starting right about the time we touch down in Denver.  Don’t you envy us?  I envy us.  If any game-changers happen in a game-changing kind of way, please let us know in comments.

I do, however, have an advance copy of John McCain’s groundbreaking speech on the economy, scheduled for yesterday tomorrow never knows later today.  It’s probably a definite game-changer.  The plan for America’s recovery will announce six bold initiatives:

• direct U.S. Treasurer Anna Escobedo Cabral to infuse a lot of money into the economy;

• have a plan to create great new jobs;

• reach out across the aisle to create a bipartisan commission to study the benefits of taxing employer-provided health insurance;

• dinner specials at the Ponderosa Steakhouse: order any entree, get an entree of equal or lesser value free;

• Barack Hussein al-Obama is Bill Ayers’ BFF; and

• eliminate wasteful earmarks.

OK, we’re out.  Time to go and take a walk in the woods.

Posted by Michael on 10/14 at 07:30 AM
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