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Friday, May 01, 2009

Round two

Very quickly, because I have no time for leisurely Internet discourse today:  I went six for eight with my Official and Deeply Considered Predictions, and would have gone eight for eight if (a) the Sharks had decided to fold in the second round, as usual, instead of collapsing the moment the playoffs began, and (b) the Devils could have held on for the final two minutes of game seven.  (Great series, though!  Almost as exciting as Celtics-Bulls in that Other Sport.) Let the record show that I said Capitals in seven, despite my lifelong loyalties.

I’ll save the first-round analysis and second-round details for later, because I’ve got to beat that Lemieux fellow (who went four for eight in round one) to the punch, and the dang Chicago-Vancouver series is already under way.  Without further ado or explanation:  Penguins over Capitals in six; Bruins over Hurricanes in seven; Canucks over Black Hawks in seven (and yes, I thought so even before last night’s squeaky Canucks victory); Red Wings over Mighty Merely Ducks in six.

Over to you, Scott!

And oh yes, I’m hoping Presidente Ch├ívez names himself to the Supreme Court.

Posted by Michael on 05/01 at 03:29 PM
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