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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Steelers by 7

As veteran readers of this blog will remember, last year I predicted that the Patriots would beat the Eagles 27-21 simply because they had more masculine uniforms.  This year I’ll spare you the full-dress uniform analysis, but I do want to note that no Super Bowl champion has ever worn jerseys and pants of the same color.  Yes, the Seahawks have ditched the Pacific green-and-blue motif that has doomed West Coast franchises for decades (Oakland Seals to the green-and-blue courtesy phone!), replacing it with a much meaner, metallic bluish-grey color scheme.  But football players whose jerseys and pants are the same color inevitably look like they’re playing in their pajamas.  (This blog welcomes all pajamas jokes in comments.) The pajamas factor will more than offset the fact that the Steelers have unwisely abandoned the very masculine block numbers of the 70s for the sans-serif, slightly italic numbers they now wear, and thus, by the laws of science, the result of today’s game will be Steelers 31, Seahawks 24.

Speaking of science:  those of you who couldn’t care less about football should check out [Tristero-at-]Digby today.  No, not that post, this one.  You know, between Judith Shulevitz’s “When Cosmologies Collide” two weeks ago and Dick Teresi’s illiterate “The Stars Can’t Help It” today, it’s beginning to look as if someone at the Times Book Review has decided to complement Tuesday’s “Science Times” with a Sunday “Anti-Science Times.” I think that’s called “objectivity.”

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