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Monday, October 13, 2008

Thug life

Shorter Michael Barone: the Obama Campus Thugocracy will jam your phone lines!

Actually, the verbatim Michael Barone is much better:

“I need you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors,” Barack Obama told a crowd in Elko, Nev. “I want you to talk to them whether they are independent or whether they are Republican. I want you to argue with them and get in their face.” Actually, Obama supporters are doing a lot more than getting into people’s faces. They seem determined to shut people up.

That’s what Obama supporters, alerted by campaign emails, did when conservative Stanley Kurtz appeared on Milt Rosenberg’s WGN radio program in Chicago. Kurtz had been researching Obama’s relationship with unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers in Chicago Annenberg Challenge papers in the Richard J. Daley Library in Chicago—papers that were closed off to him for some days, apparently at the behest of Obama supporters.

Obama fans jammed WGN’s phone lines and sent in hundreds of protest emails. The message was clear to anyone who would follow Rosenberg’s example. We will make trouble for you if you let anyone make the case against The One.

I’ll get back to that “in your face” moment a little bit later on.  For now, I want you all to contemplate the horror of hundreds of Obama thugs sending in protest emails and jamming WGN’s phone lines.  These jackboot tactics were apparently so effective as to shut down WGN altogether, depriving Stanley Kurtz and Milton Rosenberg of any opportunity to inform listeners that Bill Ayers secretly wrote Dreams from My Father while teaching Obama how to blow up stuff.  The message was clear: anyone who shows that Obama, like Osama, has a friend who bombed the Pentagon will receive a sternly worded email.

That odd rattling noise you hear?  That, my friends, is the sound of pearls being clutched all over the length and breadth of Wingnuttia.

Barone then churns out a series of random Drudge-generated paragraphs that go like this: members of the Barack Obama Truth Squad who point out that “Obama is a secret Muslim” is an untrue statement are shutting down free speech; the fairness doctrine is bad; “NBC and its parent, General Electric, don’t want people to hear speech that attacks liberals” (that’s a direct quote!); card check legislation is also bad.  Barone forgot to mention that someone once threw a pie at David Horowitz, but maybe he’s saving that for the next devastating installment.  Anyway, here’s the stunning climax:

Today’s liberals seem to be taking their marching orders from other quarters. Specifically, from the college and university campuses where administrators, armed with speech codes, have for years been disciplining and subjecting to sensitivity training any students who dare to utter thoughts that liberals find offensive. The campuses that used to pride themselves as zones of free expression are now the least free part of our society.

Obama supporters who found the campuses congenial and Obama himself, who has chosen to live all his adult life in university communities, seem to find it entirely natural to suppress speech that they don’t like and seem utterly oblivious to claims that this violates the letter and spirit of the First Amendment. In this campaign, we have seen the coming of the Obama thugocracy, suppressing free speech, and we may see its flourishing in the four or eight years ahead.

OK, first, I want to point out that there’s nothing racially charged about the phrase “Obama thugocracy,” because, as Stanley Kurtz’s groundbreaking research has shown, one of Obama’s mentors did indeed openly embrace “thug life.” And I want to acknowledge that Barack Hussein Obama has, in fact, chosen to live all his adult life in university communities: Chicago, Springfield, Washington, D.C.—these are quintessential college towns, cocoons for sensitivity-training, free-speech-suppressing liberal fascists who never grow up.

But now it’s time to go back to that “in your face” moment.  Here it is, in all its chilling thugaliciousness (NSFW, and if you have kids, now’s the time to put them to bed):

At the 0:26 mark:

I need you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors.  I want you to talk to them whether they are independent or whether they are Republican. I want you to argue with them and get in their face. If they tell you that well, we’re not sure where he stands on guns, I want you to say he believes in the Second Amendment.  If they tell you, well, he’s gonna raise your taxes, you say no he’s not, he’s gonna lower them.

My sources tell me that when Michael Barone first saw this video, he was so terrified he lost consciousness and had to be revived with smelling salts.  Apparently it reminded him of a traumatic moment from his own college days at Harvard in the mid-60s, when he said “Martin Luther King, Jr. is a dangerous radical who will force us all to become Negro,” whereupon a classmate replied, “uh, that’s actually not true,” thereby suppressing Barone’s free speech.  For here, as you can plainly see, Obama is telling his supporters to inform their neighbors that he supports the Second Amendment and will lower taxes! This, my friends, is the very essence of liberal fascism.  By telling his adoring acolytes to “knock on some doors” and “make some phone calls,” Obama is undermining the First Amendment whatchamacallit that is so essential to our democracy.  Where will it end?  Don’t bother to answer that one—you know perfectly well where it ends.

So now it’s time to give Obama his secret marching orders.  Hell, yeah!  We campus liberals haven’t trained him from his earliest days as a Muslim child in the madrassas of Upper Manchuria for nothing, you know. Senator Obama: once elected, you will proceed to enact the Stealth Agenda.  This Stealth Agenda will include, but not be limited to:

-- universal health care for all Americans;

-- the formation of workers’ collectives in all key industries;

-- punishment for plutocrats!  every corporate official involved in every corporate scandal from Enron to the financial meltdown will be put to work paving roads and rebuilding infrastructure;

-- restoration of the Caliphate!  this time with soul!

-- compulsory gay marriage, to be conducted by lottery;

-- one required lower-division course in “diverse cultures and traditions.”

You heard it here first, folks.

And why am I putting this up on a blog if it’s a “Stealth Agenda”?  Because it’s too late to stop us now! Bwah hah hah, etc.

Update: Ah, I see that the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has gotten on board with the Stealth Agenda program, by awarding a Nobel Prize to Paul Krugman for his groundbreaking work on forming workers’ collectives and devising punishments for plutocrats.  The Obama thugocracy applauds this wise and timely award!

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