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    Allow me to begin with the sizing. I measured my foot similar to the maker suggested, it didn't make a difference. The size is to large by atleast a half size. Next, the photo associated with the shoes look great. Photos are deceiving, these are not quality shoes. the look of these pumps are reminiscent to something you would find in a costume shop. Needless to say I returned them.
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    I have collected some of my past posts--as well as an important guest post by Harry Boyte--under the new category of "populism." I've done that partly because Harry has persuaded me that "populism" is a helpful name for some of...
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  13. Talking to Americans

    Rick Mercer's Talking to Americans special was on CBC again last night. That show just doesn't get old. I do, with some reservations, show it to my students from time to time, but only after exposing them to a...
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