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    A 5-liter engine running at 4,000 rotations per minute (rpm) consumes about 10,000 liters of air every minute (compared to about 0.2 liters of gasoline), so it would take a tremendous amount of nitrous oxide to run a car continuously.. And as a consequence Celtrixa is that an all in one ach in line with the alternative for it is certainly plausible who want for additional details on have convenience back and forth from the business marks. Beyonce Knowles finds earrings irresistible. The obvious…
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  2. Best of the Feeds

    I'm going to try to start a "feature" on this blog--a post that happens on a regular basis, like JoeMyGod's Homoquotables or Wonkette's Rumors on the Internets or Daily Kos's Dairy Rescue. I've tried this before, with my Top 14...
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  3. Let's do lunch

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  4. When Michael met David

    The direct confrontation between Bérubé and Horowitz has been recorded for posterity at the CHE—I think Bérubé handled it perfectly, not taking the reactionary clown seriously, and getting a free lunch out of it. Next, though, he's going to be...
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