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    3.0 Applying 5S Following a short training session on 5S members of the organisation were asked to put their ideas into action. There is an opportunity to implement each aspect in turn. However the group preferred to look at individual work areas processes and operations in turn and apply the 5S framework in total.
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  33. "Ask God what your grade is"

    Maybe you've read about this one already--but maybe not. While academic bloggers were all over the Danis Rancourt case--and all over Stanley Fish for suggesting that it was somehow indicative of a lack of self-policing among faculty members--they are strangely...
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  34. Stupid conservative tricks: metaphor madness, schizo Springsteen, specious Sowell

    I don’t want to make it a habit, or at least not a major preoccupation, to ridicule stupid people. In fact, I’ve been telling myself that in 2009 I’ll concentrate on smart people. But then I ran across this ridiculous thing written by...
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  35. No more wingnuts

    Michael Berube makes a good point on his blog about the new Family Security Matters' list of America's Most Dangerous College Classes: It's a bad list, a shallow list, an anti-intellectual list, and one that really doesn't serve anyone who...
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