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Friday, January 01, 2010

Twenty ten

So I see from the previous thread that JP Stormcrow stopped by a few minutes after midnight to check whether this blog was still breathing.  It is indeed!  Just look at that fog on your screen.  We’re about to head over to a friend’s house and catch the Penn State - LSU game.

MLA was fun, even though Janet and I were there only for a day and a half.  The Loews Hotel happens to be one of my favorite hotels of all times, and it was a profound pleasure to be at the minnesota review cash bar on Tuesday evening, where managing editor Heather Steffen presented Jeff Williams with a special “Roast Issue” to celebrate Jeff’s eighteen remarkable years as editor.  Heather and her crew put the thing together in a matter of weeks, and just like a real mr issue, it turned out to be about three times as long as she’d planned.  It’s also the funniest academic journal issue ever, and I am happy to say that Jeff himself was gobsmacked (even though a few people nearly ruined the surprise by talking about the thing the previous night with Jeff almost within earshot).  I have a feeling the Roast Issue will become a collector’s item, so if you want a copy of this rare and valuable and hilarious object, write to Heather.

Tomorrow, I’m going to do my very first “book salon.” I’ll be discussing Ye Left at War over at Firedoglake between 5 and 7 pm Eastern time.  Come on over and say hello!  Hey, what’s been going on over at FDL these past few weeks?  Anything I should know about?

Last and least, I am reliably informed that the term “teabagger” is a nasty slur that should not be applied to people who ... uh ... call for Obama and liberal Democrats to be ... um ... mumble mumble mumble.  I sincerely apologize to anyone I may have offended in 2009, and I hereby declare that this blog will henceforth refer to this group as Tea Party Patriots™.  I ask you all to do likewise, just as I once asked you to refrain from calling David Horowitz a vicious racist and sexist term and say “He Who Shall Not Be Referred To By His First Initial and a Drastic Truncation of His Surname” instead.  I would also like to say, for the record, that I do not believe the animus directed against Obama’s stimulus plan last spring had anything to do with race.  Many Americans simply realized to their dismay that government spending was out of control, and some of them began to harbor suspicions that the new president was actually a Keynesian.  Accordingly, they demanded to see his Keynesian birth certificate, and the White House did itself no favors by stonewalling them.  To call these people “birthers” today is to suggest, however faintly, that they are not to be taken seriously, and I respectfully request that you refrain from using that term on this blog as well.

And now, folks, let’s try to have a very happy new year.

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