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Friday, April 28, 2006

Vendredi potpourri

Juan Cole is being pursued by a giant slug. Please send him some love today.  Yes, I know, Professor Cole can take care of himself, and he carries plenty of salt just for occasions like these.  But as he rightly points out:

If it weren’t for this little blog, I wouldn’t even have had a way of challenging Fund’s and the WSJ’s falsehoods. (And, if the media corporations can take “net neutrality” away from us, they’ll remove that avenue of reply, too.)

And while we’re objecting to smear campaigns, Khalil Shikaki is also being targeted for a special Two Minutes Hate.  This humble blog thinks it noteworthy when extremists call for the dismissal of politically moderate Palestinian scholars, and rejects extremists’ delusional claims that objecting to such calls amounts to anti-Semitism.

And while we’re looking into the latest issue of Academe, the journal of the American Association of University Professors, check out general secretary Roger Bowen’s response to the disinformation campaign regarding that controversial (and now cancelled) conference on “academic boycotts.”

And while we’re talking about the AAUP, three cheers to Cary Nelson and Jane Buck for stepping up, getting arrested, and standing in solidarity with the NYU strike.  Three jeers to NYU Minister of Deflection John Beckman for pretending that NYU isn’t the only private university in the nation to have de-recognized a legitimate graduate student union (see the penultimate paragraph of the article).

And while we’re talking about academe and labor, please stop by and sign the petition in support of the janitors’ strike at the University of Miami.  There’s also a new blog about the strike, which you can visit by clicking on the very word “blog.”

And while we’re talking about blogs, you should go to the American Street right away, because one of their surprise guest bloggers has uncovered the GOP’s secret emergency plans for the coming Avian flu epidemic.

Have a great weekend.  And let’s go Sabres!

Posted by Michael on 04/28 at 12:46 PM
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