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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Weblog Awards Emergency

We interrupt the highly entertaining but fictional cage match between Michael Bérubé and Ted Haggard to inform you that this blog is locked in a real cage match.  At the moment, the tally in the Wizbang Weblog Awards (All-Important Educationesque Division) is as follows:

IvyGate 839
Michael Bérubé 756
SpunkyHomeSchool 636

No other blog is close.

This is serious business, people.  The outcome of this competition could affect the very existence of this blog.  IvyGate has resorted to the extreme (and possibly illegal) tactic of exhorting their readers to vote for them, and even though SpunkyHomeSchool is a defunct blog, having put up its final post on December 5, its allies are rallying the Christian soldiers against the “elite, secular blogs.” That means IvyGate and me!  (Well, they’re elite and secular, and we’re elite and nuclear.  But still.) So all of you who have been voting for trendy and fashionably-titled blogs like EduWonk and Education Policy Blog and The Education Wonks, please don’t throw away your votes on what are clearly mere “protest” candidates.  “But my conscience tells me to vote for the Education Wonk Blog of Policy Wonks,” you say, “and I have to vote my conscience.” To this I reply, “who are you?  Pinocchio?”

Now, I know some of you have been angered over the past year by my insistence that the We Are All Giant Nuclear Fireball Now Party is the only viable alternative for secular elitists, and I know some of you have broken away to join the Even More Radical Than the Radical Caucus Caucus.  I come before you now, WAAGNFNP cap in hand, to ask for your vote.  Together we can defeat, we must defeat, we will defeat not only the clever twentysomethings of IvyGate but the spunky homeschoolers of SpunkyHomeSchool.  And we will all share in the glory, except of course that I’ll keep most of it for myself.

And remember, the Wizbang Weblog Awards are a wonderful thing.  They take bloggers who have never heard of each other, get them together, and make mortal enemies out of them.  So stop by and support Wizbang—and me—today!

Thank you, and may the Giant Nuclear Fireball bless you.

Posted by Michael on 12/10 at 10:13 AM
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